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Hula Schoola and The Indytute

A review of Hula Schoola and The Indytute


It's always tricking buying the perfect gift but The Indytute now makes it easy to buy unusual and thoughtful experiences in London.

I was given a voucher for Hula Schoola for 2 people for my birthday, purchased through The Indytute. My family are aware I'm not somebody who likes to have loads of 'stuff' which is now more extreme after reading the fantastic book 'The Life Changing Magic of Tidying' from Marie Kondo. Therefore they thought a fun experience would be a perfect present, and they were correct.

The Indytute experiences can last from an hour, or for a whole day. If you are on a budget there's a section on the website for experiences under £30. These experiences include arial silks, origami, harmonica, Charleston, yoga, charity shop hopping and more. 

I actually won a medal at a holiday camp when I was 7 for hula hooping. The fact that this memory is in the front of my mind goes to show my lack of award winning skills in life since (Except a football trophy I got when I was 11) .

Had I of decided hula hooping wasn't for me, you can exchange your Indytute voucher for a different experience up to the same value. 

I booked in my experience at Hula Schoola for July 7th, experiences can get booked up quickly so it is advised to get a date in when you receive your voucher.  At the point of booking I was unaware that England would be in the later stages of the World Cup and Pride celebrations were also in London, this meant nobody wanted to join me at the class on a boiling hot Summer Saturday. Luckily I wasn't put me off from heading to Shoreditch Town Hall to gyrate my hips in a circular motion for an hour, alone. 

Hula Schoola at Shoreditch Town Hall

Hula Schoola at Shoreditch Town Hall


Shoreditch Town Hall is a stunning and spacious building and a wonderful location for Hula Schoola. Everybody in the class was friendly and by the end of the class a lot less inhibited. There were larger groups, but mostly everyone else was in couples. Except me.

Over the hour we learnt how to use the hoop on various parts of your body and using the hoop whilst moving and jumping. The grand finale was hula hooping with 4 hoops each and striking some amazing shapes whilst using the hoops. This was all the the soundtrack of loud disco tunes. 

Our instructor Obie was gorgeous and extremely talented in the art of hula hooping. Obie was very approachable and willing to answer any questions on technique. She encouraged and facilitated any photo taking and just wanted everyone to enjoy themselves. 

By the end of the class we were sweaty, happy and rather achey. I was inspired to buy a hula hoop as the core workout you get is quite fantastic. 

The Indytute and Hula Schoola was a fun and interesting present, and I would recommend to anyone looking for a fun gift. At £20 for 2 people for an hour class, it's very affordable too. You can print off the experience vouchers or get them sent directly to the recipient for an extra £2.50. 

Obie also runs skate, hoop and play classes over London at Playtone