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Sweat and Sound

Sweat and Sound are immersive music and wellness events held in incredible secret locations.

Sweat and Sound are immersive music and wellness events held in incredible secret locations.

I recently attended their Autumn event and it was nothing short of magical. There was yoga and meditation from Kirsty Gallagher ,who is also a lunar expert and runs Lunar Living, and explained to us the significance of a Harvest moon and the beginning of autumn on our emotions and intentions. Lunar Living is an online program that you can sign up to that teaches you about the secret wisdom of the moon and how you can use these teaching to enhance your everyday life. The beautiful music soundtrack was from Ash Radford. The session ran from 7-9pm and cost £30 early bird and £35 full price.

You are informed the general area the event will be located in but the actual venue location is a secret and is not released until a day before.

Asylum Chapel  Peckham

On this occasion the location was the beautiful Asylum chapel in Peckham. The doors opened dead on 7pm and we were ushered into this a candle lit stunning ruin of disused chapel. The space was unique, intimate and apparently haunted!

Asylum Chapel Peckham

Before we started the yoga we were given an introduction into the evenings schedule and the venue.

The chapel is surrounded by housing that was once intended for retired pub landlords. The entire area was bombed in World War 2 and everything was flattened apart from all the stained glass windows!

Asylum Chapel Stained glass window

We begin the yoga session with Kirtsy as Ash plays and sings songs that match the energy of the yoga we are practicing. It’s pretty dark but this makes you tune into your senses and not compare yourself to what others are doing. Kirsty makes us consider what we want to change for the next quarter of the year, what we want to focus on and what we need to lose. She urges us to not listen to our inner voices when we want to give up holding the dreaded plank and to melt away any negativity.

At times during the session I felt quite emotional, the energy of the group and the music was beautiful. The focus and the intention was very interesting and after a few overwhelming days it was very much welcomed.

We end the session with some meditation and my body feels less tense and I feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders.

We are then treated to more of Ash as we sip on peppermint tea and munch on a yummy biscuit. Mingling is encouraged as Sweat and Sound is a community with a third of attendees having visited before. Some people were in friendship groups but like me, there were many people who attended solo too and it was very welcoming.


I loved my experience at Sweat and Sound. It’s an intimate and beautiful experience in a unique setting. I left with a spring in my step and clearer mind. I will definitely attend again and drag some mates along too as I know they will also love it, and need it.

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